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In the cases where the two values correspond and have the same direction, then we are talking about a stable trend. Share InvestManiacs Volume Based Binary Option Trading One off the most important decisions a binary options trader must make is whether to place a bull or a bear put. Also, it is important to understand that it only measures traders who buy or sell an asset. There is a possible up movement of the price. One of them decides to test his luck and places a buy order far below the current market price. One approach, which will provide an excellent guide as to what the majority of people involved with the market expect to happen, is to look at the volume of a specific asset. If the volume is decreasing, then the price will probably decrease, as well, even how to make extra income from home in malaysia there is an uptrend at the current moment. Volume measures the underlying asset, not the number of binary options. Volume should generally go the same direction as the trend. It will conflict with the concepts of both technical and fundamental analysis.

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Volume Based Binary Option Trading

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Trade altcoins at BestRate. In addition to visualizing live exchange data, CryptoWatch includes several technical analysis indicators and overlays to help you make your calls.

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